Presidio Stands

Interior with something Askew (noir)

Pea Soup Lake No. 2

Tense Interior with Missing Polka Dotted Sofa

GGPark, Wispy Fog

Interior with Hairy Arm

Headlands Camp

Corner Interior with Bored Corot

Lincoln Park: Repeater

Dizzying Interior with Runner

Tilden Park: Critter Trees

Interior with Disorienting Rug and Missing Curios

Lincoln Park Tee Six

Interior Table with Perching

Lincolnpark Hole 6, Foglayers

Warped Interior with Cupcake

The Wash Oak Tunnel Sunspots

Interior with Opposing Green Chairs

The Wash: Oak Loop Path no. 2

Interior without Imploding Chair

The Wash Oak Loop Path

Interior with Coffee Table Missing Sofa

The Wash Oak: Sun Flicker

Busy Interior with Distracting Rug and Ghost Bed

The Wash Oak: Under

Interior with Scribbly Floor

Headlands Loop

Pink and Blue Interior without Bed

GGPark: Mallard Lake

Awkward Interior with Conspicuously Absent Chair

Presidio: Bluff Loops

Angular Interior with Flat Floor

Mt Tam: Fogline

Waiting Room with Anxious Drips

Pacifica: Marching Trees

Interior Corner with Ghost Chair Electric

GGPark - Lindley Meadow

Interior with Ghost Chair and Real Skulls

Lincoln Park Loop

Bright Interior with Ghost Furniture

Presidio Grove

Bedroom with Ghost Bed

Presidio Grove Shadow

Interior with Missing Furniture Arrangement

Presidio Bluffs

Interior Without Chair

Lincoln Park Notch

Interior Without Bed

Lincoln Park Hollow

Cyclic Indoctrination

Muir Beach Field - Spring

Twist in Red

Anticipatory Disclosure

Presidio Influx

Impending Past

Tilden Clearing

Encroaching Void

Presidio Lovers Lane Tree

Bread and Circus

Presidio Lovers Lane Tree Shadows

Lure: Distraction

Presidio Grove Receding

Fishbowl: Bluebloods

Marinwood Looping Oaks

Contract: Variations of Red

McLaren Park: Path View

Consummation: Adulterated

Lincoln Park: Shadow Holes

False Dichotomy: Apple

Headlands: Camp Trail

Cupcake: Haggle

Lincoln Park: Greens

Comparison of Maladies

Headlands: Point Bonita

Reaction: Indeterminate

Presidio Grove Cavern


Blue Bar: Critical Mass



The Line Up


Chance Through Hoops

Roller Coaster


Chance of Game (Flirt 27)

Possibility Dreams

Recursive Hoop

Elusive Assessment








Reflect: Hook

Breaking Reticence

Entice: Existent

Icarus: Annunciation

Exit Delay

Waiting Room


The Hammering

Shell Game


Comfy Chair

Carrot and Stick




Stalking Exit

Dread Exit

Exit Multidistractions

Pause and Float

Midpoint Blue


Intercon VIII

Intercon X

Intercon XII

Intercon III

Intercon II

Intercon VII

Intercon VI

Intercon IX

Intercon XI